Warehouse Storage Solutions

Warehouse Storage Solutions

Warehouse Storage Solution options

We have all in one storage solution options for clients who want a single provider for all of their warehousing and freight requirements. A comprehensive warehouse and logistics solution that includes linehaul, warehousing, and distribution services, as well as warehouse inventory management, to ensure your goods are safely stored and transported efficiently.

Warehouse Storage For RentStorage Only

Whether it’s a short lease of a few months or a longer term requirement, a hundred pallets or a thousand, our simple warehouse storage solutions can fit a range of business needs. Our warehouses can accept all dry, non perishable and non dangerous goods for storage that are either palletized or moveable by forklift.

Warehousing and Distribution

Ideal for companies that need to store their goods in bulk and distribute stock to branch locations or retailers. We can manage your stock from our warehouse, pick and pack your orders and send them for delivery when required. This service utilizes the HR Logix network of freight and courier vehicles, complete with GPS tracking on deliveries.

Container Unloading

Container unloading for importing or transporting goods via rail networks. If you’re importing or transporting goods via rail networks, we can organize to unload the goods for warehouse storage or distribution nationally.

Pick & Pack Warehouse Services

We also offer a streamlined Pick and Pack warehouse service. It’s designed so that you can send an order through to us, we’ll pick and pack the goods from your warehouse stock, and deliver to its destination. You’ll then receive confirmation of the delivery via our track and trace system.

Highly Reliable Warehouse Logistics Solutions

Warehouse Storage
Pick and Pack Warehouse Services
Secure storage facilities
Distribution and Freight Services
Container Unloading

Warehouse Inventory Management & Stocktaking

Stock control is important for any business, whether you need to analyze product sales performance or to compare with your financials. Our warehouse inventory management and stocktaking service is transparent and precise, providing you with the data you need to make decisions and keep the auditors happy.

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